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Your Opinion About Somebody Else is ALWAYS About You

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been online since 1993 and it seems there’s a never-ending stream of people in the world that are very opinionated and short-sighted. Some of them even have blogs!

However,  my pet peeve has always been the comments people make on forums and public spaces like YouTube. They always post some inane comment about the person in the video or the person that uploaded it, i.e. you’re gay, you’re stupid, etc. As if by some magic their opinion can be transferred to the other person.

So when my daughter says ‘I hate X, they’re weird’. I turn it around and ask her why she finds X weird or annoying. I then point out the flaws in her personality, her short-sightedness until she sees it my way.

At the end of the day, your opinion about somebody elses says more about you than anything about them. People online should remember the same.

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Users Are Not Stupid

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Working in IT for 20 years you can’t help but make fun of some of the stupid things users say. My own favourite story is the one about the woman who needed to press ‘*’ to activate some function of the application she was working with. The conversation went something like this:

Woman: How do I get a star?
Helpdesk: You just press SHIFT and the 8 key.
Woman: (pause) But won’t that give me a capital 8? Read more…

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Mike Holmes – Love Him or Hate Him?

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems that every professional person I meet despises Mike Holmes whereas most homeowners revere him. As my own knowledgebase of renovation has vastly improved through watching his Holmes on Homes show over the past few years I haven’t changed my opinion. Even after completing a rather prolonged renovation of a kitchen, two bathrooms and most of the easy rooms I find nothing wrong with him, his knowledge or approach. It seems to fit in with other knowledge I’ve acquired through the Internet, DIY books. So why do professionals hate him? Read more…

Information Security Required – Not Infrastructure Security

May 21, 2009 1 comment

Information security is one of the fastest growing niches in ICT today with many organizations looking at adding security or improving it. A constant stream of data losses, privacy breaches and hacking successes are fed to us through the popular and technical press on a far too frequent basis.

Many countries, and some industry groups, have introduced legislation and regulation to combat this growing risk with moderate success. As with all technology-related initiatives these approaches significantly lag behind the real world though. Hackers are more clever, more devious and the systems are becoming more complex than existing approaches can cope with.

So what do we do?

Fire 95% of the Information Security professionals.

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May 20, 2009 Leave a comment

One day I’ll post something useful on this blog, maybe I should write an eBook instead on web development technique in 2009. I really should do something with all the knowledge I’ve gained rather than wasting it on hobby sites.

Why hasn’t somebody killed IE6 though? Please. Just do it for me. It seems I spend as long debugging my designs for IE6 than I do creating them for everything else. I design and test against Firefox and when it comes to compatibility testing I then open up Opera, Safari and IE8 which generally work perfectly or require very little modification. I don’t use any Firefox specific bits of CSS so I”m usually cross-browser ready out of the box. I then use BrowserShots, test on IE6 and bang! — there goes my weekend. Read more…

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Next Superpower — India or China?

May 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Alternatively, who should Uncle Sam fear the most? Sometimes I think the only reason for asking this question is to instill some fear into the American public and get them to work harder or risk losing their #1 position in the World order. Anybody outside of the US already knows there are multiple ways of measuring ‘success’ though and generally speaking the US does a pretty bad job of being #1 unless we’re counting GDP size. Educational, social, political and human rights lists all show the US languishing. Even those studies that try to merge these metrics together into a quality of life index still demonstrate that the US isn’t perfect.

As I say to my kids though, striving for perfection is the goal in life. You can’t achieve it but striving for perfection will make you better than most. So where does India or China come into this story?

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The Problems with Reddit et Al

May 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Somebody else seems to have noticed the recent decline in the quality of the stories on Reddit and most of the comments offer the same varying opinions, i.e. “no, it’s you and your fault” through to the more thought-provoking psychoanalytical stuff you’d expect from the intelligentsia.

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