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Goodbye Script.aculo.us & Prototype

My name is Pablo Livardo and I’m a jQuery convert. I’ve used Scriptaculous and Prototype for a few years with a lot of success but the time has come to change. Google Trends has foretold of the demise for a while but I’ve resisted as long as I could. The problem with any Internet technology is that they’re all so short-lived that you hate investing the time in learning any framework only to then have it fall apart.

I remember hacking a UBB forum, even won a monthly award once, and then abandoned it when PHP took off. As somebody that learned Basic on the ZX-81, any simple high level language has always been a favourite of mine. Perl/CGI was so ugly that it reminded me of Java and C so it was quickly dismissed as Pablo’s preferred language. So I moved everything to PHP and started to learn Invision’s PowerBoard because it was free and promised to be free forever … until it became so popular they started charging for it.

I then got heavily into PHP, moving from v3 up to v5 today and it’s only when I start new projects that I review my coding baggage and today it’s time to start my new web design project with jQuery. I’ll also then be starting with CodeIgniter or Kohana for another project because I’m fed up of writing so much PHP just for a basic site. Do I go with steady CodeIgniter backed by ExpressionEngine but running on v4.3 or do I favour the new Kohana, unlinked to a corporate flow of money but written for PHP v5?

I can’t decide so I think I’ll try both and see which one I prefer and can get working in the fastest time.

However, today is jQuery day. Time to learn all about the power of the $().

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