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Mike Holmes – Love Him or Hate Him?

It seems that every professional person I meet despises Mike Holmes whereas most homeowners revere him. As my own knowledgebase of renovation has vastly improved through watching his Holmes on Homes show over the past few years I haven’t changed my opinion. Even after completing a rather prolonged renovation of a kitchen, two bathrooms and most of the easy rooms I find nothing wrong with him, his knowledge or approach. It seems to fit in with other knowledge I’ve acquired through the Internet, DIY books. So why do professionals hate him?

Is it because he’s perceived as a threat? Is it jealousy? Or is it that he exposes their shoddy workmanship?

After doing my own investigations and being called in by friends and family to help with their own I’ve decided never to employ a contractor because I’m so shocked by what I have seen that I’d never want my kids running around a house built like that. It seems the good contractors build the homes and the poor ones repair and renovate them because almost every renovation job I’ve seen has been full of practices that wouldn’t even meet code. I guess this is because the homeowner wanted a cheap job and didn’t push for permits and inspections.

Even when I asked some contractors to provide quotes they all seemed more interested in whether I wanted permits or not.

So maybe my litmus test should be to raise the subject of Mike Holmes and see how a contractor reacts. If they hate him, avoid them and they like him, go with them.

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