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NameCheap’s Trivia Competition

NameCheap, a large domain provider, is hosting a 15 day competition whereby trivia questions are asked every hour, on the hour. The answers are asked and answered through Twitter with NameCheap providing $15,000 in prizes.

It’s an interesting use of the medium but sometimes the automated processes for sending out the questions and judging the answers is a bit screwed up. For example:

[#41] On what island can you hit the slopes of Whistler?

According to NameCheap the answer is ‘British Columbia’. As a BC resident I pointed it out to them that Whistler is in British Columbia but that this is a province of a Canada, not an island. No reply and they’ve continued to award the prizes.

If you’re going to give prizes away and post questions 24 hours a day, people are going to take it seriously so please make sure you get it right. Otherwise your competition does more damage to your brand than good.

Update: Oh uh, it seems another problem has been found with #59 of the planned 360 questions.

[#59] The “harte frio” of Uyuni is in what country?

Fortunately, it only took 7 minutes for NameCheap to spot the error and recall it with the following tweet.

that last question & realized the answer was spelled incorrectly. no domains were rewarded and we are adding another question to the contest

But I guess they meant to say harto frio which refers to Uyuni in Bolivia.

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