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Pressure Builds on Gordon Brown to Resign

Although the drubbing of the UK’s Labour party has been heartily entertaining, I think Labour policitians, MPs, Ministers and former cohorts are missing the point. For example, this article on BBC News quoted Stephen Byers as saying that Labour needed a leader that would win “and not take us to a humiliating defeat”.

Changing the captain of a sinking ship isn’t going to stop it sinking, you need to look beyond Gordon Brown and look at what the party stands for. It seems to me that sometime during the last 8 or so years the Tories and Labour have crossed paths. You cannot be the governing party in a democracy if you fail to follow the rules of democracy, i.e. you need to do what the people want. The problem the Labour party has is that it’s got a good chancellor heading a leaderless party that has forgotten where its backside and elbow are. This is what the UK voters have been voting against.

It wasn’t the expenses row, it wasn’t Gordon Brown, it was what Labour stood for and what they’ve failed to achieve in the past few years. Now there’s a more credible leader and a more credible party and it’s very blue.

So Mr Byers, Brown and Co. you need to find the cause of the sinking ship and fix it or you’ll still be playing as it gets washed over by a tsunami of true blue waves.

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