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Why Are Politicians So Self-Serving?

I’ve been watching the UK local and European elections over the past few days and been highly amused at the drubbing the incumbent Labour Party has received. I admit, I was a fan of the Labour party in the late 90’s and felt that Tony Blair and his team were taking the country on the right path.

However, I lost my faith during the economic fallout after 9/11 when I personally suffered. Not finding a job was bad enough, especially when you’re skilled and experienced, but on top of that the Government introduced changes that hampered the recovery, made me uncompetitive as a freelance consultant and even denied my application for benefits. Even though I’d paid taxes and national insurance for 12 years the Government couldn’t find my paperwork so they denied my claim.

They finally confirmed I had paid into the system but this was 11 months later. What was I expected to live on for 11 months? Fortunatley for me I had some assets and slowly cashed them in, one after another until they’d all gone and then the cash machine refused to give me any more money. I’d run out. Run out of everything. That was the scariest moment of my life. Fortunately, I’d started work two weeks before and a £50 loan from a friend got me through.

So it is with some personal glee and satisfaction that I can now sit over here, watching the meltdown over there.

However, I don’t understand why all of the Labour politicians think it’s the expenses row that is responsible for the current situation. It has very little to do with that, don’t focus on the piece of straw, focus on the bale of straw that you’ve lashed to the poor little donkey’s back. You took the country into Iraq, against the will of the people, and then oversaw a collapse of the property market and could only standby idly as the global economic mess washed ashore.

The Labour party lost so much of the vote because it has made bad decision after bad decision. On top of that, we have somebody that was a good chancellor running the show but that’s about as charismatic as my armpit hair. I don’t believe the British want my armpit hair running the Government and pandering to every US whim. The ‘special’ relationship only appears to be one way and it’s time the British Government stood up with pride. We have a unique position in the world with our heritage and strong ties between Europe and North America, we should capitalize on that and not rely completely on other countries.

Margaret Thatcher once revealed her ‘secret’ plan for staying in power. She chose policies that were popular with around 60% of the people. She figured this would allow a few people to drop off but keep her in power. It worked for a long time until she mis-read the electorate over the poll tax and that was it — off with her head.

But it seems today’s politicians seem to have completely forgotten who they’re working for and who they’re supposed to be representing. They shouldn’t be serving their own interests at all, they’re working for us and should be reflecting our own choices. Admittedly, there are times when the general populace doesn’t understand the issues at hand but it’s for the politicians to explain. You can’t make somebody choose the right decision if they don’t understand, you need to help them understand.

In a democratic system the politicians need to obey the will and desire of the people. They are our representatives and should be proxies for our decisions; not theirs or their party’s. Whoever remembers that will keep their job and may one day become Prime Minister for a long time. It now looks like David Cameron is the only credible candidate for that job as it seems Labour have lost their way.

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