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Vancouver’s Drug Addiction

Most Vancouverites would like to see the end of gang violence but why are they so reluctant to give up the drugs that create the situation.

Every few weeks we hear of another gang crime, another targetted hit in a busy street and another person ‘known’ to police is involved. If the police ‘know’ so many of these people why aren’t we keeping closer tabs on them? It also seems to me that these gang killings are all about turf wars in the drug game.

BC has a problem with marijuana, most people smoke it and there are lots of grow-ops busted all the time. Economic forces are rife and where there is demand, there will be supply. Whenever one of these gruesome killings occur somebody always wants to see gang activity curtailed and look to our leaders to solve the problem. So I have a solution for these people, stop smoking it. If you remove the demand, the supply will drop and the gangs will have to move into something else.

But of course nobody is going to do this so you have to find another solution; legalize it or live with the killings. Personally, as a non-drug taker I’d rather see it legalized as I can’t see people giving it up but if we’re going to legalize it lets make sure we get some taxes from it, just like cigarettes and alcohol. We can still have employment policies that prohibit the use during work time but I’d really like to see somebody stepping forward and doing something.

There is now a large amount of data from countries where marijuana has been legalized and it shows improved living conditions so let’s do something original. Let’s be brave, show some initiative and legalize the stuff. If we can let homeless people shoot-up with heroin legally you’d have thought we could let people puff a little weed now and again without getting all antsy.

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