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Is the iPhone Enterprise-Ready?

With v3.0 of the firmware released, Apple has made some notable improvements to the business functionality and security apparatus surrounding the phone. However, it’s still no Blackberry and mature IT shops looking to secure corporate data on these devices need to continue to avoid them.

If an iPhone is now lost it’s possible to remotely wipe the data, assuming the stolen device is connected to the network. A Blackberry can be remote wiped after a period of time, regardless of network connection. Apple also state that their remote wiping process can be reversed. Great, so it’s not really a remote wipe then, more or a remote delete with possible ass-saving undelete capabilities. We can only count the days until the hackers work out how to tap into this ability too.

There’s also the outstanding security flaw discovered in September whereby a screenshot is cached when you press the home button. A stolen iPhone can be encouraged to give up those little cached secrets, potentially revealing sensitive information.

It’s still early days for the new iPhone but it’s still a consumer device with consumer-grade protection and features. It looks cool though.

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