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Kohana’s Documentation Smells

Sorry guys, I know it’s a free piece of software and you’re saving me a bucketload of time but your documentation is very poor. DokuWiki is a good wiki system but I think you’d be better with MediaWiki. I see lots of people posting valuable information … in the forums and it’s not being transferred to the wiki. As you can’t download the documentation it’s also slow and difficult to translate. I’d probably look at adopting the PHP style of documentation as I think it’s a layout and interactive medium that works well.

I had to whack the docs subdomain just so I could develop on the go when I didn’t have access to the Internet but I also find it difficult to find methods and properties while I’m still learning it. Sam Clark’s ORM Guide is great and the eBook I found have been the only useful tutorials I’ve come across.

My Wishlist

  • A cheat sheet
  • Better and clearer examples
  • Downloadable documentation
  • Completely different layout of the documentation

Perhaps this is where the company-backed CodeIgniter has an advantage as they can afford to pay people to produce the documentation but without it I can only see Kohana growing slowly.

I finally decided not to use the Auth module because I couldn’t get it working and the examples were far from clear. With the ORM Guide I’ve progressed a lot further but I’m still struggling with my many-to-many links and can’t seem to get the find_by and find_related methods to work as expected.

It won’t take many more stalls to get me to change back to CodeIgniter.

Is there a way for Kohana to start monetizing to feedback into development? I really hope you guys find a way.

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