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Is BitBlinder Really Anonymous?

BitBlinder, a new anonymous BitTorrent client is soon to be released on the masses according to TorrentFreak.

I see a problem though, why do I have to register? If I’m registering and my upload/download ratio is being monitored then surely it’s not that anonymous. At the moment their website is being inundated so they have a sign-up process in effect, i.e. they’re capturing email addresses of people that are interested in using BitTorrent anonymously. It almost sounds like an RIAA sting operation.

Even if my individual uploads and downloads are not being monitored they must know my IP address, how much data I have uploaded or downloaded (or that I’ve used the software) and possible my email address. Now maybe I’ve misunderstood how the technology works but it seems you can’t have an anonymous service that monitors your activity as surely the monitoring process is capturing something and this could be turned over to the authorities eventually, just like Oink.

Personally, I like the idea and the concept and knew it would only be a matter of time before some clever people designed this software. Napster’s demise led to the development of Kazaa and the pressure on Kazaa led to BitTorrent becoming popular. Now with the pressure on The Pirate Bay and others we always knew it wouldn’t be long before something like BitBlinder did appear. Thanks for making it possible RIAA and MPAA.

Economics 101 – Where there’s a demand, supply will be created to meet it. People want to download stuff quickly and easily. The challenge for the music and movie industry is finding a way of tapping into the market and monetizing it. If we could download Blu-Ray discs over the Internet and maintain the quality I’d probably use it because watching a 320×200 movie on a large screen TV is as attractive as watching me clip my toenails.

The RIAA and MPAA isn’t losing out on a lot of sales from pirate activity, it’s all a fabrication and just a ruse to get stricter intellectual property (IP) protection around the world because the US is now in a precarious position. I’m sure it’s fair to say that the US probably generates more IP than any other nation and therefore wants to protect it’s income stream.

However, other countries have been in the same position, notably many European countries a century ago. The US decided to ignore their pleas for IP protection then as they had a “hungry nation to feed” and the same is true of many other developing countries like China and India, not to mention whole swathes of South America and Africa.

If you want people to buy something you need to give them a reason and not just threaten legal action. People don’t care about the law if the chances of being caught are minimal. Nobody today is growing up and thinking “Ooh, it’s so bad to download music through BitTorrent”. My son actually objects to me throwing spanners in his plans as I have to keep on pointing it out to him that he’s actually supposed to pay for it and just because you can get it 20 seconds doesn’t mean it’s right.

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