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Kohana Change Log — Where is it?

Six weeks ago I downloaded Kohana so I could familiarize myself with the framework and play around with the logic of the new web site I’m building. Essentially, I wanted to build some databases, models, forms and play with the sessions to understand how it works without the overhead of a graphically-rich design with many CSS and JavaScript files and a complex chunk of HTML to sift through.

I’ve now started to build the actual site so I started from scratch on the real domain and I hit a problem. I couldn’t get my routing to work, I got strange PHP errors about being unable to redeclare a controller class and couldn’t get my routing to work without passing through index.php.

For example, ‘mysite.com/index.php/welcome’ would work but ‘mysite.com/welcome’ wouldn’t. I checked everything several times and couldn’t find the error. In the end, I worked out that calling a controller ‘Page_Controller’ but with a filename of ‘pages.php’ was causing my PHP error. However, I couldn’t track down the routing problem as my .htaccess, routes.php and config.php all seemed fine. I even checked the Apache configuration just to make sure mod_rewrite was active. And then I found it…

I’d transposed two letters in the RewriteBase directive in the .htaccess, an easy mistake to make and fiendishly difficult to find. I figured the front controller, index.php, was never being called so was about to turn on rewrite rule debugging to see what I was doing wrong when I saw it.

I also thought that maybe the versions of Kohana had changed and I was now using commands that didn’t exist any more. After my problems with the find_by and find_related methods it was possible so I tracked down the Kohana Change Log. It’s blank. Great.

When I started playing with Kohana around 6 weeks ago I downloaded v2.3.2, the new version was v2.3.4 (which you can find by looking inside ‘system/core/bootstrap.php’ if you don’t have the example files to hand).

So how do I found out what’s changed between v2.3.2 and v2.3.4? I don’t know, other than running Beyond Compare through the two directories. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Kohana developers should use the Doxygen documentation as the definitive guide to the framework and treat the online documentation as nothing more than a guideline, in the sense of Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe they should just stick the examples in the source code with the @example Doxygen directive and just abandon the online documentation for the time-being. I’m sure Doxygen could be coaxed to produce something more visually pleasing

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