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Belgian Teen Gets A Face Full of … Tattoos

Have you heard the one about the Belgian teen walking into a tattoo parlor? Kimberley Vlaeminck, 18, went to the tattoo artist and allegedly asked for three small stars on the side of her face. She claimed that she fell asleep and woke up to find 56 stars all over her face and is now suing the tattoo artist for the cost of removal.

I’ve read a few different accounts of this story as its gained international attention. The artist said she was awake during the procedure, checked in the mirror a few times and the trouble only started when she got home and her father saw it.

I have some tattoos and albeit they’re not on my face I can tell you from personal experience that you can’t fall asleep. The less skin and fat between the bone and the tattoo gun also makes it far more painful and other sensitive areas. Ever seen those people with tattoos around their upper arm but they have a break in them under the arm. It’s because it’s very sensitive and a lot of people can’t stand the pain. The most painful area I had tattooed was over my ribs which was the top of my threshold.

Some people have suggested that she’d maybe got drunk beforehand, which is unlikely for two reasons. Tattoo artists don’t like tattooing drunk people as they know it may be decision they later regret. Alcohol also thins the blood so the whole process ends up being a lot messier than it needs to be.

Therefore, given the little amount of tissue on the face and the number of nerve endings I’m sure you wouldn’t fall asleep. I also don’t think any tattoo artist would continue to work on somebody sleeping or that they didn’t agree the scope before they started.

I believe the real story is that this 18 year old girl wanted to be rebellious, thought it would look cool and went to the tattoo parlor as soon as she reached the legal age. She then immediately regretted the work when she looked in the mirror, her Dad freaked out and she then concocted the story. She probably lied to her father to stop his rage and he then took over and decided to go to court. So now she’s going to get a tattoo artist in trouble, perjure herself by lying in court and all because she told one lie to her father.

Tattoos are for life and at 18 I think people are way too young to decide what they want to adorn themselves with. And unless you’re a Maori, or a tattoo artist, you better avoid any facial tattoos because the rest of the world just doesn’t understand.

Maybe this diagram will help to explain.

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