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Protection of Privacy : Fail!

I was registering my son for the upcoming soccer season and our club has introduced an electronic registration system. It’s about time we joined the rest of the clubs in the 21st Century but I hit a problem, they want to broadcast my son’s image and name wherever they please and if I didn’t agree I couldn’t register.

This is the page that appeared:

Photo Permision Form

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the club requires consent to use personal information for purposes related and unrelated to our soccer programs.

Release of Player Photographs/Names

The club requests permission to use photographs/videos/names of individual players and groups of players in a variety of publications to promote the club. This could include newsletter, brochures, newspapers, magazines, reports, the website, radio, videos or television. This would also include permission for your child to be photographed by the media (TV or newspaper) for events relating to the club.

Yes- I give my consent for the publication of my child’s photograph/name and comments for purposes consistent with the above.

You’re then presented with a checkbox whereby you accept the above and agree to the waiver. I refused.

So how does providing my consent protect my son’s privacy. I know how long the ‘memory’ of the Internet is and I refuse to have photographs of my teenage son plastered across promotional material without my explicit consent, especially if his name is used at the same time to connect the ‘dots’.

Anybody in need of a Boys U14 Select player next season? Born and raised in Britain, scores 11.4 on a beep test, plays in attacking midfield and has a fine soccer brain. Anybody?

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