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Apple Blocks Palm Pre

In a marketing move reminiscent of Microsoft, Apple have blocked the Palm Pre from synchronizing with iTunes. The latest version, 8.2.1, now detects the Palm Pre and refuses to play ball.

Sometimes I wonder how many other evil things will Apple have to do before people turn against them.

Personally, I never liked iTunes anyway and found that Helium Music Manager works far better for me. I even shelled out the few dollars it costs and bought a real copy.

It just goes to show that the more people that buy into Apple’s mantra, the more they’re helping to build another Microsoft. Can you imagine a world with just iPods, iPhones, Safari and Mac OS? Just because their products are nice, it doesn’t mean we should give them the marketplace. The open marketplace is far better, at least companies don’t then use their dominance to stifle competition.

I’ve always liked Google’s position — Don’t be evil — Microsoft and Apple should take note because they both have the same corporate playbook on their desks.

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