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Using an IDE with Kohana

My name is Pablo and I’m a Dreamweaver addict.

I’ve worked with Dreamweaver for many years and always developed my PHP applications in it. I find it a nice environment where I can modify my HTML, CSS and write my PHP. I’m used to it and it works for me … mostly.

And then there’s that odd occasion where the PHP code is too complex and peppering the code with var_dumps and echos is too time-consuming to track down some bugs. I then have to shift to an IDE where I can step through the code, adding some watches and breakpoints and really get to the root of my problem.

I’ve reached the same point with my Kohana application. I just can’t understand why one of my related models isn’t accessible. The problem seems to come and go so I must have something wrong somewhere but I want to track it through the internals of Kohana to see where my problem is. And for that I guess I need to step into the ORM::__get method and see why it’s not picking up the related model.

So I posted a message in the forums to find the perfect environment but no replies as yet. I read all the other posts on similar topics but they all talk about editing PHP files, I don’t want a text editor, I want an IDE with debug hooks.

I’ve played with phpDesigner, phpED and Zend Studio already. The first two have no way of understand how to get from a controller to a URL, I just can’t map it, i.e. this file refers to this URL. I also don’t see any method of starting a debugging session by simply entering a URL.

So I figure if I’m going to use an IDE I should also integrate source code management into it so I can track all of my changes. I use XAMPP on Windows as my DEV environment and keep my code in C:\Data\Sites\Project and then upload the final code to the remote PROD server when it’s all done. I’m sure I can improve my environment though and will report back on what I ended up with.

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