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Bobby Joe Blythe – Case Closed?

August 31, 2009 11 comments

The Washington Post published a story yesterday about the “Jesus Taught Me” video and says there’s nothing to it. The article by Josh White states that “the case isn’t cold, and the man wasn’t killed.” He then adds, “The viral video is another example of what can happen so easily on the Internet, with sketchy information leading to wild speculation — and wild-goose chases for police.”

A retired police detective, Chuck Feldbush, says he met the victim a few days later and even though he had clearly been beaten he chose not to pursue charges. He also said that the video didn’t surface until the 1990s otherwise they’d have taken it as far as they could.

The story fundamentally says that the case is closed, there’s nothing to see and we should all move on.

If that’s true and there is nothing to see can the district attorney please release a statement to that effect.

I didn’t see a video of an alleged murder and a police cover-up.

What I saw was a video of man critically injured by another man with the consent of the dojo owner. I also saw a few others standing by and watching it all unfold, encouraging the attack the continue and then sweeping it all under the carpet as if it was acceptable.

The video has been distributed by Blythe over the past 25 years to a few friends, shown several times and Blythe’s own comments said this guy had his “clock stopped”. Blythe also said there was another video titled ‘Fight for Life’ that he had and others have said this sort of brutality was common practice for Blythe and his way of testing his bodybuards and black belts.

What I witnessed was an attempted murder of somebody regarded as a worthless human being for nothing more than entertainment pleasure. To me, this whole incident is akin to a dog fight with a willing audience all actively participating and being complicit in the crime. On two occasions, members of the audience push the guy back into the fight. On another occasion a woman shouts “TV! TV!” when they approach the TV in the room, clearly more concerned about the TV than the health of the worthless man.

And nobody wants to charge anybody else for this.

It was Martin Luther King Jr that said “justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere” and is emblazoned on the Justice4KungFuGuy website but it sums up the position for me too. If people can do this, video it, brag about it for 25 years and we do nothing, we condone it. We are saying that this is acceptable.

Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in jail for dog fighting. Are we really saying that was more heinous than this crime? How many other guys were beaten by Blythe’s students? How many more videos were recorded and shown to his friends and family? Where is the ‘Fight for Life’ video Blythe boasts about as being even better?

I don’t see this was a wild-goose chase, any more than the pursuit of Nazi war criminals 60 years after the fact. I see it as an opportunity to right a wrong and send a message that this is not acceptable. Blythe and his cohorts got away with this crime, isn’t this what people really find disgusting about this case? All of those hundreds of people that visit this site and read these articles feel disgusted. They want to know what happened and find it unsettling when their value system is knocked off balance by a story like this. We want that balance restored, we want to believe that our justice system works and is effective. We want to know that our faith in the system is well-founded and that our own perception of what’s right and wrong is accurate.

What we really want, is to feel better about this. We want somebody, somewhere, to tell Blythe and his cohorts that this is unacceptable.

UPDATE: There’s also another site pursuing justice for this crime –


Bobby J Blythe – New Video

August 25, 2009 3 comments

NOTE: Go to Justice4KungFuGuy for the latest news on this story.

Another new video has appeared on YouTube showing one of Bobby Joe Blythe’s lectures to three black belt students. In the 9:56 video, it shows Bobby Joe Blythe seated at a makeshift desk talking to three black belts in the same dojo where the infamous KFG (Kung Fu Guy) was brutally beaten.

Although the video is a little blurry and the guys are far from the camera it appears the man stood next to Bobby Joe Blythe is the same Willie J Dennis that beat KFG to a bleeding, wheezing pulp. However, it’s clear from the audio what rules Blythe operated his dojo under. He clearly outlines his expectations of his black belts and his rules of what happens in the dojo.

“If they come through that door, it’s open season.”

“I do what I want in my home. I do what I want in my place of business.”

“Now, if a person wises off to you … just hit him. No questions asked. Hit him. Don’t explain your actions. Hit him.”

“If any person touches you, in any way, he’s either a faggot or he’s stupid. Hit him.”

At the end of the video Blythe tirades about earrings, how they’re not allowed in his dojo and that if he ever catches anybody wearing one, that’s the day you will lose your black belt status. He even promises to beat you for it.

To all intents and purposes, this new video seems to be nothing more than a glimpse into the world of Bobby J Blythe and how not only he taught karate in his insane dojo (his words) but how he intended to maintain his dojo’s reputation. If you compare the misguided teachings in this video to that of a misguided Muslim leader at a Pakistani madras you can see how corrupting his words can be. He almost says that any black belt has earned the right to do what they want because they worked their butt off. I think this video further solidifies my own view that Blythe created Dennis, his warped idea of what was right and wrong, wound him up like a clockwork toy and pointed him at KFG.

KFG touched Dennis, his kicks and punches did connect. He also knocked Dennis to the floor. So what was Dennis expected to do? He couldn’t lose face. He couldn’t become a faggot and he certainly wasn’t stupid so he did what Blythe had trained him to do. He hit him. Repeatedly. Brutally. Until KFG was dead or dying.

Blythe incited hatred and incited violence against any inferior being, i.e. somebody that didn’t have a black belt, just as a madras preacher would against the infidel. As an ex-marine he would probably be aware of these psychological techniques though and would prey upon simpler minds but now he’s been caught. If Blythe had not kept these videos for his own trophy cabinet he’d probably be in the clear. His arrogance against the rest of the world and the simpletons that populate it are just cannon fodder to him. I’m sure to this day that he doesn’t see anything wrong in what he said, did or incited others to do.

UPDATE1: Associated Content has also written up a detailed account of the incident and video but seems to add little detail compared to other sources. However, I’m pleased the story is garnering more media attention.

UPDATE2: The Examiner has now published a story too.

UPDATE3: I don’t like that the story seems to be going cold and I think it’s because it’s not easy to see where we’re at and what’s going on. So is born.

Bobby J Blythe / Willie J Dennis : Day 5

August 25, 2009 8 comments

NOTE: Go to Justice4KungFuGuy for the latest news on this story.

Slowly, slowly to catch a monkey – or so the saying goes. Day 3 into the investigation of the brutal video filmed in Dumfries, VA of Willie J Dennis beating a disabled man to a pulp in Bobby J Blythe’s karate dojo.

Inside Nova, Northern Virginia’s online newspaper, has posted an article on the case today.

Bullshido are continuing to investigate the case and are currently cross-referencing public records on hospital admissions, incarcerations and taking the Sherlock Holmes approach of ruling out the impossible. Bobby Joe Blythe has gone into hiding it seems as nobody has been able to raise him on the phone or in-person. He deleted his online accounts quickly after the incident started to go viral but nobody has yet managed to get his take on the matter. I can only assume that law enforcement haven’t tracked him down either.

The 25 years of time are making the investigation difficult but I don’t think anybody is going to rest until KFG (Kung Fu Guy) has been given a name. Even if Dumfries police only have a few officers in 1984 it’s still likely they would be on first name terms with all the local homeless. Even if KFG did have some form of mental disability or form of autism it’s highly likely that the local store owners and residents would know him. Harmless vagrants and homeless people are typically known to somebody, it’s just a matter of time, media attention and re-connection with the local community before that information becomes known. Some local, national and international media coverage are all likely to speed up this process.

At the moment, with no mainstream media network running the article I wonder what they’ve uncovered. Are they still investigating the case? Or is somebody trying to keep the story from breaking. If Blythe is an ex-marine and has his contacts within the Government and federal machinery it may just be a story that people don’t want to break and Blythe has been instructed to stay low until it blows over.

Without a name to KFG and without confirmation of his status Blythe and Dennis are still far from being in the clear. As many have pointed out, there is no Statute of Limitations in Virginia for felonious crimes. Therefore, any jury watching the video is going to look at the two final head stomps and declare ‘attempted murder’. They will then look at everybody else’s actions, the failure of anybody to stop the fight and the complicit action of moving a critically injured man and will surely say that everybody in that room was aiding and abetting.

So all of those Napa Auto Parts guys that closed early to watch the show and the woman that shouts “TV! TV!” are implicated, not to mention Blythe’s family and others involved in running the dojo. All of these people watched it or know somebody that watched it and they need to give up their silence. Even though Willie J Dennis’ son has come forward and said the guy was pulled out the day after, I find the statement doubtful as he would have been around 8 at the time. I can recall very little about what happened 25 years ago so I’m surprised he has any recollection whatsoever and can only suggest that his statement is what he was led to believe rather than what he observed. After all, why would an 8 year old boy remember something so uneventful as somebody being pulled out of a dumpster? My 13 year old son can’t recall anything more than a week ago.

Ultimately, I believe that Willie J Dennis is the tool in this video, the weapon that is used against KFG but it’s Blythe and the audience that used this weapon. They placed Dennis in a situation where he was embarassed and egged him on, I see Dennis’ crime as the lesser and Blythe’s the greater. It would also be interesting to correlate this event with Dennis’ future run-ins with the law. Was this the start of something? Or was it already a pattern of aggressive behaviour?

I just hope all of the children and grandchildren of those involved watch this video and push their parents into being open and honest. Innocent people have nothing to hide, nothing to be silent about. Only cowards hide and as every day passes I, for one, assumes that the complicity increases. The families know what’s happening, they know the world is watching and yet, they wait. This will not blow over, there are literally thousands of people watching this story every day and hundreds of armchair sleuths cross-referencing every database to elicit the truth. I know because I see all the hits on these pages.

UPDATE: The case has now spawned a new mini-site Justice4KungFuGuy.

Bobby J Blythe / Willie J Dennis Update

August 22, 2009 1 comment

NOTE: Go to Justice4KungFuGuy for the latest news on this story.

As a follow-up to the brutal video that appeared on the Internet, showing the apparent murder of an unknown man at the hands of a black belt student. I just picked up this video on YouTube from KMPH news which shows the Hanford Police Chief, Carlos Mestas, talking about the case. He said that they are investigating the case but refused to reveal the exact details of which agencies were involved. At last the wheels of justice seem to be turning and we can expect to hear something in the coming days and weeks.

Anybody from the local Napa Auto Parts store that were watching the “demonstration” may want to confess now before the Police come knocking. Somebody will talk and they will be the one with the lesser sentence, the rest will be assumed to be more complicit. Good luck playing the waiting game cowards.

The video also shows the reporter trying to getting a response from Bobby Joe Blythe’s residence in Hanford, CA. Needless to say, there appears to be nobody home.

UPDATE1: KMPH news article.

UPDATE2: There’s also a new mini site about the case now with Twitter and Facebook connectors, Justice4KungFuGuy.

Bobby J Blythe Encourages Black Belt Willie J Dennis to Beat A Man to Death – Literally

August 20, 2009 12 comments

NOTE: Go to Justice4KungFuGuy for the latest news on this story.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a disturbing video as the one that appeared on YouTube today. Reddit picked it up from 4Chan via this posting. It was then cross-posted on Digg.

I watched the video without any audio due to my surroundings and judging by the comments on Reddit it was the ‘best’ way of watching it. The video shows a black man duped into being beaten by a karate black belt student. It was apparently shot in December 1984 and it beings slowly with the victim showboating until the kicks and punches start to take effect. In particular, it looks like it’s a right elbow that first knocks him to the ground. At this point the victim tries to stop the fight repeatedly but all to no avail.

The dojo master then pushes the student to finish the fight and it ends badly with the guy on the floor and receiving too stomps to the head and neck. There is some stomach-sickening wheezing heard and a pool of blood quickly forms under the guys head who lies their motionless. He’s then dragged across the dojo floor and allegedly dumped in a dumpster in the back alley.

If ever something good is to come out of this it will be through the media picking up this story and forcing somebody to investigate. Did he really die? Who were in this video? It seems Bobby Joe Blythe and Willie J Dennis play the roles of master and student but where is the justice?

If it wasn’t for the student being black, they would say it was a lynching. Mindless brutality, caught on video, bragged about and traded like a Baseball card and everybody gets away with it. Somebody please tell me there is some goodness in the world. Where are the BBC and CNN when you need them?

UPDATE1: Somebody on Reddit reports that the matter has now been referred to Washington DC’s Cold Cases department for investigation. I wonder if an address for the crime scene can be found online, or the neighbouring NAPA store as it implies the employees closed early to watch the show. They would all now seem to be complicit in the murder of this young man – who wants to squeal first?

UPDATE2: It seems that Bullshido is collecting the most information and may have been the original source of this article.

UPDATE3: KMPH, Hanford’s local news, broadcast a story about the case. See this post.

UPDATE4: A new mini-site, Justice4KungFuGuy, has been created to catch the perpetrators.

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Developing a Strategic Plan for your Website

August 18, 2009 1 comment


Only the most successful companies and individuals take the Internet seriously and develop strategic business plans. Most of them take a more haphazard approach to development and struggle to maximize their returns or engagement with their customers and consumers. Many site owners fail to understand why and often feel frustrated by their lack of knowledge, their team’s lack of knowledge or the overall approach to the website. Quite often the development team lurches from one technology to another with no clear direction. There is a gulf between the business objectives and the website, this is where a strategic plan can help.

As the Internet is still a new business asset and is rapidly changing it’s difficult to keep up, we largely suffer from immaturity in this space. Academia fails spectacularly to instruct students in the ways of the Internet and the world is left with a ragtag group of freelance consultants with a wide variety of technical skills and an even wider array of business skills. When our corporate finances struggle to meet our needs, we know what we need and how to get one; we simply find a Chartered Accountant. When our website fails to meet our needs we mostly struggle. We don’t have the knowledge and we don’t know how to differentiate the good from the bad.

There is some good news; there is still room for growth on the Internet and there are markets yet to be tapped. The bad news is trying to find somebody, a team or a company that can lead you to this Nirvana.

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Kohana – A Review of the Good, Bad and Ugly

August 17, 2009 5 comments

I’m approaching the launch date for my first site based on Kohana and feel it’s time to spill the beans. Somebody posted on the forums today and asked why Kohana isn’t more popular when compared to Cake, CodeIgniter, Zend or Symfony. The simple answer is that it’s not meant to be.

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