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Bobby J Blythe / Willie J Dennis : Day 5

NOTE: Go to Justice4KungFuGuy for the latest news on this story.

Slowly, slowly to catch a monkey – or so the saying goes. Day 3 into the investigation of the brutal video filmed in Dumfries, VA of Willie J Dennis beating a disabled man to a pulp in Bobby J Blythe’s karate dojo.

Inside Nova, Northern Virginia’s online newspaper, has posted an article on the case today.

Bullshido are continuing to investigate the case and are currently cross-referencing public records on hospital admissions, incarcerations and taking the Sherlock Holmes approach of ruling out the impossible. Bobby Joe Blythe has gone into hiding it seems as nobody has been able to raise him on the phone or in-person. He deleted his online accounts quickly after the incident started to go viral but nobody has yet managed to get his take on the matter. I can only assume that law enforcement haven’t tracked him down either.

The 25 years of time are making the investigation difficult but I don’t think anybody is going to rest until KFG (Kung Fu Guy) has been given a name. Even if Dumfries police only have a few officers in 1984 it’s still likely they would be on first name terms with all the local homeless. Even if KFG did have some form of mental disability or form of autism it’s highly likely that the local store owners and residents would know him. Harmless vagrants and homeless people are typically known to somebody, it’s just a matter of time, media attention and re-connection with the local community before that information becomes known. Some local, national and international media coverage are all likely to speed up this process.

At the moment, with no mainstream media network running the article I wonder what they’ve uncovered. Are they still investigating the case? Or is somebody trying to keep the story from breaking. If Blythe is an ex-marine and has his contacts within the Government and federal machinery it may just be a story that people don’t want to break and Blythe has been instructed to stay low until it blows over.

Without a name to KFG and without confirmation of his status Blythe and Dennis are still far from being in the clear. As many have pointed out, there is no Statute of Limitations in Virginia for felonious crimes. Therefore, any jury watching the video is going to look at the two final head stomps and declare ‘attempted murder’. They will then look at everybody else’s actions, the failure of anybody to stop the fight and the complicit action of moving a critically injured man and will surely say that everybody in that room was aiding and abetting.

So all of those Napa Auto Parts guys that closed early to watch the show and the woman that shouts “TV! TV!” are implicated, not to mention Blythe’s family and others involved in running the dojo. All of these people watched it or know somebody that watched it and they need to give up their silence. Even though Willie J Dennis’ son has come forward and said the guy was pulled out the day after, I find the statement doubtful as he would have been around 8 at the time. I can recall very little about what happened 25 years ago so I’m surprised he has any recollection whatsoever and can only suggest that his statement is what he was led to believe rather than what he observed. After all, why would an 8 year old boy remember something so uneventful as somebody being pulled out of a dumpster? My 13 year old son can’t recall anything more than a week ago.

Ultimately, I believe that Willie J Dennis is the tool in this video, the weapon that is used against KFG but it’s Blythe and the audience that used this weapon. They placed Dennis in a situation where he was embarassed and egged him on, I see Dennis’ crime as the lesser and Blythe’s the greater. It would also be interesting to correlate this event with Dennis’ future run-ins with the law. Was this the start of something? Or was it already a pattern of aggressive behaviour?

I just hope all of the children and grandchildren of those involved watch this video and push their parents into being open and honest. Innocent people have nothing to hide, nothing to be silent about. Only cowards hide and as every day passes I, for one, assumes that the complicity increases. The families know what’s happening, they know the world is watching and yet, they wait. This will not blow over, there are literally thousands of people watching this story every day and hundreds of armchair sleuths cross-referencing every database to elicit the truth. I know because I see all the hits on these pages.

UPDATE: The case has now spawned a new mini-site Justice4KungFuGuy.

  1. Ethan
    August 27, 2009 at 6:07 am

    Hi Pablo, I do not know anything about you but I think your comments were spot on and well written. I have read several medical comments and all say that this man could not have lived more than 5 minutes. The knee drops to the neck and throat and head stomps to a limp unguarded man left blood running from his ear and the “death rattle” which had to have preceded his death. Those guys wanted death, that is why he delivered the measured blows after he was out. He was not going for the “knockout” he was going for “I killed him with my own hands” like Blythe wrote “mess with a Marine and get your clock STOPPED”. The local police dept, “thinks they remember pulling him out” yeah, dead. It is a cover up.

  2. Shocked
    September 12, 2009 at 10:46 am

    There is one think very impotrtant that i observed. One of the last kick or stomp in the face as kfg was down defensless is that there is like a big thick screw in the base of the rail and i beleive the screw may went inside kfg’s temple and realy hurt him perhaps killed him.Thats where all the blood starts to come out. Very brutal.

  3. Disgusted
    October 10, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Just saw the video of this assault on bloodshows.com and I can’t believe these guys were never prosecuted for this. I agree that Blythe instigated this, but I don’t consider Dennis (or whoever he is) less guilty. He could have stopped at any time, unless he was also mentally impaired and incapable of thinking for himself. Would have taken more of a man to stop beating on that guy than it took to do what Dennis did.

    And those who just watched are equally guilty.

    Blythe calling that dirty little space (literally and figuratively) a dojo would be funny if it weren’t for what he did there. Who on earth feels so threatened by a man who’s clearly mentally ill that he has someone beat him up and then has other people drag the poor guy outside? And he probably thought he kept his hands clean by never actually touching the guy himself.

  4. Shane
    December 11, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    I believe Blythe and Dennis are equally guilty. Blythe obviously set it up and let it happen, but Dennis was obviously trying to kill the guy, even after he made it clear he didn’t want to fight. I hope they both rot in prison and hell.

  5. Elena
    July 15, 2010 at 5:17 am

    It is obvious the guy was not just beaten up, he was killed. After getting his head stomped on, he began having agonal respirations and blood coming out of his ear. Agonal respirations are the last breaths your body takes before it stops breathing completely.

  6. ryan
    June 22, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    dennis’s son who was 8 made a statment and no one can find dennis himself from that starting point? no one is even trying. if you can find his son you can find him

  7. Danny
    August 28, 2011 at 4:09 am

    These Dennis and Blythe should go to jail for life for beating a defenseless man like that . Or they themselves should get killed in the same way . Brutally . Without mercy . and by hand . Flaw shit .

  8. devante briscoe
    September 11, 2011 at 12:11 am

    I think I’ve found willie J dennis at this here karate dojo at MID WAY PLAZA here in Boonville, Missouri please someone contact me at my e-mail. I’m serious.

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