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Your Opinion About Somebody Else is ALWAYS About You

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been online since 1993 and it seems there’s a never-ending stream of people in the world that are very opinionated and short-sighted. Some of them even have blogs!

However,  my pet peeve has always been the comments people make on forums and public spaces like YouTube. They always post some inane comment about the person in the video or the person that uploaded it, i.e. you’re gay, you’re stupid, etc. As if by some magic their opinion can be transferred to the other person.

So when my daughter says ‘I hate X, they’re weird’. I turn it around and ask her why she finds X weird or annoying. I then point out the flaws in her personality, her short-sightedness until she sees it my way.

At the end of the day, your opinion about somebody elses says more about you than anything about them. People online should remember the same.

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Users Are Not Stupid

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Working in IT for 20 years you can’t help but make fun of some of the stupid things users say. My own favourite story is the one about the woman who needed to press ‘*’ to activate some function of the application she was working with. The conversation went something like this:

Woman: How do I get a star?
Helpdesk: You just press SHIFT and the 8 key.
Woman: (pause) But won’t that give me a capital 8? Read more…

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