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NameCheap Hosting Update

July 17, 2009 Leave a comment

After berating NameCheap for their overly-demanding need for information to authenticate a change to my account I ended up cancelling the request. All I wanted to do was change the master domain on my account to a new domain, a seemingly simply request that got bogged down in bureaucracy.

They replied to my previous email and relented a little — all they needed was my address, email account and telephone number. Otherwise they’d refuse to action my request.

So I explained.

The email address I used for signup could have been one of 25 I routinely use. It could be anything at one of the 50 domains attached to my NameCheap account or could be my Hotmail or Google Mail account.

My street address could be one of 15 that I’ve routinely used in the 5 years of being a NameCheap customer. Did they want a personal or business address? Was it the one associated with the credit card they charge monthly or something else? If it was the one attached to the credit card, it could be the real address or the spelling mistake that is used by Canada Post and on my bill because Canada Post also spell it incorrectly in their postal code database that they provide. When your credit card is issued by TD Canada the address is populated from the postal code database.

And my telephone number could be the home phone I had two years ago, the home phone today, my cellphone or one that I completely made up because I never saw the point in them having it in the first place.

Now if they could give me a clue about what they’re asking for, I can probably help.

In the end I told them to cancel the ticket. I’ll simply move my hosting elsewhere.

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NameCheap Hosting — FAIL!!

July 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I have a few small sites hosted by NameCheap, nothing important, just something for all of those small sites you accumulate over time. I wanted to change the main domain so I placed a request through their ticketing system, which is independent of their main site so you have to register and setup another username and password.

I then received the following canned reply:

In order to verify your account with us please provide the following information:

Your full name:
Your local address:
Email address you signed up with:
Zip code:
Phone number:
Last order or transaction ID:
Current domain name:
New (desored) domain name:
NameCheap account username:

Once you have confirmed the above details, we will process your request.

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Hacking NameCheap’s Trivia Competition

June 5, 2009 Leave a comment

In case you didn’t know NameCheap are having a trivia competition over the next 15 days through Twitter and there are a lot of active participants. NameCheap’s account on Twitter lists nearly 8,000 followers so with 360 questions and 3 prizes being awarded, there’s a 1-in-8 chance of winning a prize.

The fastest two correct answers get a prize and another person is selected at random from the correct answers. Therefore, it makes you wonder if it’s fair and how could it be hacked.
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