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Piracy Fuelled by RIAA/MPAA

June 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Rights Management creates piracy, it’s a pretty simple statement but something that the RIAA doesn’t want to accept. After all when you can get a $1.92M damages award for 24 downloaded songs why would you. When I read this article about the ugly DRM on Amazon’s Kindle it’s time people started to understand.

Economics has a basic tenet, that supply equals demand. Or in other words, where there’s a demand, a supply will emerge to meet that demand.

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Is BitBlinder Really Anonymous?

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment

BitBlinder, a new anonymous BitTorrent client is soon to be released on the masses according to TorrentFreak.

I see a problem though, why do I have to register? If I’m registering and my upload/download ratio is being monitored then surely it’s not that anonymous. At the moment their website is being inundated so they have a sign-up process in effect, i.e. they’re capturing email addresses of people that are interested in using BitTorrent anonymously. It almost sounds like an RIAA sting operation.
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